Tuesday, 28 February 2006

2nd time round

Feb 2006

After being back at work for six months and having had monthly blood tests I arrived home from a weekend skiing in Morzine to open a letter advising my AFP level from my recent test was a little raised and suggesting I have another test. Further tests over the coming weeks showed AFP marker raised again.  Subsequent CT and PET scans identified two metastases in my upper left lung - not what I wanted to hear.

A more intensive course of CBOP/TIP salvage chemotherapy was prescribed consisting of 4 cycles of CBOP (Carboplatin, Bleomycin, Vincristine, Cisplatin) given over 4 continuous weeks in hospital) followed by 3 cycles of TIP adminstered over a three 1 week in, 2 weeks off cycles.

Looks like I can write the summer off.