Chronology of Treatment

I've realised the a standard blog format is not ideal for following the chronology of my treatment, as the default order for the blog is to show the latest entries first, so I've decided to create a chronological list with links to blog entries, so it's (hopefully) easier to follow from initial diagnosis onwards.

March 2005:
Testicular Cancer First Time Round
Surgery to remove right testicle
3 cycles of BEP chemo
Pronounced clear and back to work

Feb 2006:
Second Time Round
Raised AFP leads to find of two tumours in left lung
CBOP/TIP four cycles thereof
Pronounced clear and back to work...again

Feb 2007
Second Relapse...Here we go again
Routine blood test shows elevated AFP levels
Scan show tumour in upper left lung and possibly in left hip-bone
Passed on to Royal Marsden who decide to schedule High Dose Chemo and possible radiotherapy on hip
About to start primer chemo in advance of HDC then Change of Plan
Revert to surgical option What are you doing this afternoon, sir?

May 2007
Thoracotomy on left lung (5 bits removed)
Checked he had a steady hand..!
Am I in Heaven?
He's Coming Home

June 2007
Good to be Home
Pre-op scan shows possible tumour found on right lung.
Donations Welcome
Good news so far
AFF tumour marker starts to rise again
Which is worse?
Ouch that hurt!

July 2007
PET scan show nodule in right lung active but hip clear
Chemo here I come
It pays to argue

Start chemo - gemcitabine and oxaliplatin
One down..a few more to go
I'm Still Here

Aug 2007
Stem cell harvesting
Cycle 3
A plan..nearly

Sep 2007
HDC scheduled
A Date
Counting the Days
Last Supper
I'm here  - 1st cycle of HDC starts

Oct 2007
I'm not here!
Transplant Day   stem cell transplant
Gets up my nose
Back in the land of the living
He's coming home
Morning after weekend before
Tumour markers not coming down - no point in second cycle of HDC

Nov 2007
Another update
Well they found it

Dec 2007
Second thoracotomy - 2 bits removed from right lung
Make sure the scars match

Jan 2008
Tumour markers drop
Back to normal

Disease free!!

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