Saturday, 30 September 2006

CBOP/TIP - wish it was as much fun as it sounds!

Started a more intensive course of CBOP/TIP salvage chemotherapy, consisting of 4 cycles of CBOP (Carboplatin, Bleomycin, Vincristine, Cisplatin) given over 4 continuous weeks in hospital) followed by 3 cycles of TIP adminstered over a three 1 week in, 2 weeks off cycles.

The CBOP element meant being on a drip Monday through to Saturday continously. Home by Saturday lunchtime and then back in first thing Monday to start it all over again. As most other in-patients were having minor surgery and therefore only in for a few days, and all the other cancer patients were treated on an out-patient basis, I was almost a permanent resident for 4 weeks. The TIP element meant back to a less intense regime of 1 week in and two week at home, repeated for three cycles.

Worst bits: hospital food, the isolation of a private room, constipation from the drugs.
Best bits: having a 3g card on my laptop to help keep me in touch with the real world, the patience and dedication of the nurses, the isolation of a private room.