Friday, 24 July 2009

All Clear...Again!!

I had my follow up CT scan on Monday with the intent of checking whether the new 'thing' in my right lung has grown at all. I met Prof. Horwich at the Royal Marsden today and he confirmed that everything seems fine. My AFP tumour marker is still normal and the scan shows no apparent abnormalities in my lungs. They the believe the slight thickening on the edge of the lung picked up on the previous scan is probably scar tissue from my previous surgery - it seems to coincide with the area that I had a drain inserted into the lung.

Panic over! Thanks to all who crossed their fingers...again!!

Thursday, 16 July 2009

John Hartson...our thoughts are with you.

I was shocked and sorry to hear the news that John Hartson, the ex- Arsenal, Celtic and Wales footballer, has been diagnosed with testicular cancer that has spread to his brain and lungs. I understand he has undergone emergency surgery to the brain and remains in critical condition.

I would like to wish John and his family my best wishes at this difficult time and hope they can remain positive and draw strength from the thoughts and support that everyone will give. John has always been know for his strength and fighting spirit and this should stand him in good stead.

I know too well the effect and shock of a sudden diagnosis but he is in good hands. There are so many unknowns but there are also so many experiences from other people to draw inspiration from, in the same way I did.

Unfortunately, its also a salutory reminder that this insiduous disease silently affects so many people, yet only gets media airtime when it affects somebody in the public eye. Every day around the UK there are people being diagnosed and we must ensure that we all do everything can to support the fight against cancer. For that I applaud efforts by people such as Lance Armstrong in his crusade to raise awareness through his LiveStrong foundation and also the efforts of thousands of people across the UK raising money for worthy causes every week, in their own little way. We can all make a difference!