Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Well they found it...! brain that is. The MRI scan confirmed that I do (contrary to some people's misconception perception) have a brain - a remarkably well formed one at that! Oh, and from a tumour point of view the scan appeared to be clear, which leaves the small nodule in my lung as the only identified/visible active tumour. As it stands I'm still waiting for a date for surgery. Normal Royal Marsden service resumed when the surgeon never received the CD of my scans. After much chasing and hassling I managed to get a replacement disc sent, only for them both to arrive on the same day, 2 weeks after my referral! I was hoping to get in quick and be out in time to be relatively fit for Xmas but I should know better than to make plans...!

Monday, 19 November 2007

..another update.

Well I know it's been a little quiet this end - symptomatic of the fact that I'm currently playing the waiting game. My original date for the PET scan was delayed due to the scanner breaking down, which put me back a week. I finally had the PET scan last Wed and met with my consultant to review the results on Friday. The PET scan re-confirms the small tumour in my left lung is showing some activity but that the scan did not pick up anything else (or anything that's within the scanners sensitivity), so it looks like surgery is definitely on the cards. The week before I had asked about the chances of cancer spreading to my other testicle and a week later the consultant 'suddenly' suggested arranging an ultrasound scan of my 'bits' (which were clear) and a MRI scan for my brain - 'just to make sure'. The MRI scan is scheduled for today and I should get the result later in the week - thats presuming they can find my brain!