Thursday, 30 August 2007

A plan....nearly..

Well looks like I had my last chemo (for now) last Friday. They (the 'experts') have decided that whilst the tumour is responding that its not responding as well as it could be (my tumour marker is coming down but slower than expected), so they want to press on with high-dose chemo sooner, rather than give me another cycle of the current stuff. They need to give me 4 weeks for my blood to recover so they are planning on me going in toward the end of September.

That means I'll miss out on yet another holiday at the end of Oct which was booked at the beginning of the year! My sister gets to go in my place to keep Michelle and Lauren company, or perhaps babysit while Michelle's out every night (it is with MarkWarner so I doubt Lauren will be left by herself!).

Got a scan today to check how big the tumour is and if there are any more! Fingers crossed!

Tuesday, 21 August 2007

Cycle 3, Week 1..a record!

Well the Royal Marsden excelled themselves last Friday. Got there at 0930, waited till 1130 to see the consultant (well it was actually a doctor...I think the consultants have started to avoid me as I complain too much!), waited 2 hours for the chemo to be released but still managed to leave by 1730 - 2 hours earlier than usual!! Tumour markers are starting to come down a bit so looks like they'll be giving me another cycle (4 in total) before the high dose chemo. Have a CT scan booked next Thursday to check progress.

Michelle started her new job yesterday so I'm house husband this week, looking after Lauren until she goes on her hols next week. Michelle came home last night and thought her brain was going to explode - she's not used to this working lark - that makes two of us!

Monday, 13 August 2007


We are top of the league, we are, we are top of the league!!

By the votes on the poll (below right) only me and Pete have voted and I'm obviously correct in assuming Newcastle will finish highest. Rob, I'm sorry I couldn't include Sheff Wed but they're in the 6th division or something aren't they.

Been on a wee holiday at the Royal Marsden since Wed. Popped along for my stem cell blood test and they admitted me due to an infection in my arm from when I last had chemo and put me on IV antibiotics.

The upside was that I would have had to drive back on Thur anyway and on Thur my stem cell count was high enough for harvesting, so on the machine I went (after they tried 6 times to get a bloody great needle into my infected arm). Spent 4 hours praying they would collect enough that I wouldnt have to be harvested on Friday as well. This meant collecting more than they did on each of the previous two occassions. They were looking for a total count of 4 ( 4 what I have no idea - I presume its not 4 stem cells?). We ended up with 3.86 which I convinced them with a bit of aritmetic rounding was near enough!

Had to have a platelet and red cell transfusion on Thursday evening to cope with the pending visit of my boss on Friday morning (only joking Chris). Hoped they'd let me out on Fri but my temperature was still a bit high and they wanted to re-check my blood count. I turned up the air-con to max and low and behold my temperature had dropped by Sat morning and I was finally given parole and allowed home.

.....and the Toon walloped Bolton on Sat. Did I mention who is top of the league....?!?! Ted, whose that at the bottom??

Tuesday, 7 August 2007


Well Alton Towers was worth it just to see Michelle's face as she headed skyward towards Oblivion! Next time I'll take my extensive line of anti-sickness pills to peddle in the queues.

On the Friday the Royal Marsden were up to their usual tricks. Despite being assured last week that me drugs would be pre-ordered, I arrived at 9.30 for a blood test, had to wait till 11.30 to see the consultant and the drugs were finally ready for me at 2.30pm - all for a 30 min intravenous drip.

They're trying to get some more stem cells from me this week, so I'm injecting growth hormones in my stomach - as if it needs it! Had to go to RM on Monday to see if any stem cells had mobilised. Nope. so back on Wed, and possibly Thur and possibly Fri. Scientifically its called 'hit and miss', it might work, might not, not sure when, but if you can pop over for 9am every day we can check - yeah no problem when you live 2 hrs away!!

And I've got a cold.......bah humbug...!!

BUT !!!! Newcastle have signed a couple of defenders (thats shopping that is Lou) so we might not have to play a 2-3-5 formation after all.