Tuesday, 7 August 2007


Well Alton Towers was worth it just to see Michelle's face as she headed skyward towards Oblivion! Next time I'll take my extensive line of anti-sickness pills to peddle in the queues.

On the Friday the Royal Marsden were up to their usual tricks. Despite being assured last week that me drugs would be pre-ordered, I arrived at 9.30 for a blood test, had to wait till 11.30 to see the consultant and the drugs were finally ready for me at 2.30pm - all for a 30 min intravenous drip.

They're trying to get some more stem cells from me this week, so I'm injecting growth hormones in my stomach - as if it needs it! Had to go to RM on Monday to see if any stem cells had mobilised. Nope. so back on Wed, and possibly Thur and possibly Fri. Scientifically its called 'hit and miss', it might work, might not, not sure when, but if you can pop over for 9am every day we can check - yeah no problem when you live 2 hrs away!!

And I've got a cold.......bah humbug...!!

BUT !!!! Newcastle have signed a couple of defenders (thats shopping that is Lou) so we might not have to play a 2-3-5 formation after all.


Peter said...

The formation was never the problem, it was just who you had got in the positions! I see our second game is a nailed on 3 points at The Toon. Bring it on.

LP said...

You lot have got a one track mind - football!! Can we at least move onto Rugby??

Anonymous said...

If we are talking Rugby then lets make it the mens version (league) not the southern softies version (union) SS

Rob said...

Could anyone explain the point of rugby please ?