Tuesday, 21 August 2007

Cycle 3, Week 1..a record!

Well the Royal Marsden excelled themselves last Friday. Got there at 0930, waited till 1130 to see the consultant (well it was actually a doctor...I think the consultants have started to avoid me as I complain too much!), waited 2 hours for the chemo to be released but still managed to leave by 1730 - 2 hours earlier than usual!! Tumour markers are starting to come down a bit so looks like they'll be giving me another cycle (4 in total) before the high dose chemo. Have a CT scan booked next Thursday to check progress.

Michelle started her new job yesterday so I'm house husband this week, looking after Lauren until she goes on her hols next week. Michelle came home last night and thought her brain was going to explode - she's not used to this working lark - that makes two of us!


LP said...

I do hope you're managing to keep up with the ironing!!!

Peter said...

Keep the knives OUT of the fork drawer.

gerry said...

Looking forward to the clip of you doing the "shake & vac" on YouTube.

Anonymous said...

My Visit to Royal Marsden to see Nigel last Friday.

The very worst of the NHS trying to do its very best.

There was a chap on the carpark barrier whoose job it was to take the ticket out of the machine and hand it to me - Strange? Maybe something was broken? All theories proved unfounded as I left the carpark and gave the (same) ticket to the same man who stuffed it into the machine to let me out!

Could this be a microcosm of blatant inefficiency that sums up the NHS? Or at least the Royal Marsden?

The moral of the story: They may be slow and inefficent, but they eventually get the job done!

It was good to see you despite your arm, which looked worse than the picture portrays. Hair and sense of humour still in tact.

Stick with it - these guys will sort you out!


Danny P said...

Hi Nige,
glad to see you're hanging on in there and giving the doctors grief. (Oh you're two dcotors! No i'm and dcotor and my wife's a doctor) Vic and i keep checking in to see how you're doing. Can't believe the type oif mate you've got. Did you go to a really rough school?

Danny P said...

Just glad there's no typing mistakes in that last posting. More wine anyone?

Peter said...

Blue Noses! What can you do with them?? You know very well Dan that Nige went to school in Scunny, there ain't nowt ruff abarrrt Scunny, lad.