Tuesday, 6 May 2008

The Dirty Deed....Done!

Well I had to do it somewhere other than Scunthorpe, so off we jetted for the weekend, complete with diamond ring straining my pocket (and credit card!). Michelle had no idea where we were going. At Heathrow we headed towards a few gates. 'Are we going to Edinburgh?" she asked as I just ordered couple of coffee's. "No, why?" "Well the only other flight is to Nice and thats closing....". Mmmm, better forget the coffee's. She still thought we were only going to Nice until arrival when we diverted to the AirMonaco heli-desk. There's only one way to arrive in Monte Carlo!

T'was the weekend before the Monaco Grand Prix and the circuit was laid out complete with armco and grandstands. An opportunistic local was offering a drive round the circuit in his Ferrari F430 Spyder, complete with flappy paddle gearbox to save you stalling it and embarrasing yourelf. Well it would have been rude not to..! Ah, the noise...! Holding back from the car in-front to let it get ahead, gave you the opportunity to bury the throttle for a second or two of fun. The best bit....cruising through Casino Square (I might have looked like a playboy except most people has probably seen the same Ferrari go round with different drivers every 10 mins) and the tunnel...oh, the noise of the V12 scream bouncing off the walls..! And my grin in the picture said it all!

The auto-exotica being paraded around Casino Square made Ferrari's look ten-a-penny. Bentleys, Lamborghini's, Aston Martins were everywhere but my favourite, and the most beautiful looking car ever (a fact also confirmed by Jereremy Clarkson, and its not often I agree with him!) was the Alfa Romeo 8C.
Oh, and yes I proposed while we were there. Michelle said yes and we drove off into the sunset in our Alfa Romeo 8C and lived happily ever after.... ! One bit of that is a dream...yep, it was raining.