Monday, 30 July 2007

I'm Still Here!

Glad to see everyone's keeping themselves amused in my absence!

Been away for a few days break inbetween treatment and before Michelle starts her new job. Originally we were gonna go up to my parents for a few days but with the crap weather Michelle needed some sun. After consulting the Royal Marsden about whether I would be OK to go abroad for a short break they were fine with it. I'd go for a blood test on the Fri, if I needed a transfusion then I could have one on Fri and then could go away on Sat. So we booked 5 days in Sardinia to fly out on Sat. Fri comes and the Prof. calls with m y blood test results. "I strongly recommend that you do not go abroad, you're platelet count is v.low, as is your white cell count. You are vulnerable to spontaneous bleeding and infections". So, I'll pop in a for a transfusion then? Er, no, there not that low you need a transfusion and they wont take effect for a few days!?! His concern was whether my count had bottomed or was going to go even lower. I suggested having another test on Sat and if it was higher were we OK to fly out on Sun. He was more relaxed with this, probably based on the fact that it wouldnt happen.

Had blood test in Reading on Sat morning. Nurse said she ran the tests 3 times to try and get a higher reading but it was lower than Fridays results. Had a long chat with consultant oncologist who said she was normally bullish about chemo patients having a holiday but in my case really could not recommend it. If I started bleeding internally or picked up an infection I would need immediate hospitalisation, without which I could die! Mmmm, so its a risk and consequence issue. I'd reckoned the risk was probably low, but consequence could be quite high. I figured that the advice of 4 doctors was a little too much even for me to ignore, so we cancelled.

As a fall-back we decided to go down to Devon for a few days. Quite how long it would take an ambulance to get to Woolacombe if I needed one, I cared not. We floated (literally) down the M5 wondering whether we would ever see some sun. Well, we got 2 days of sun, 2 of rain and no spontaneous bleeding or should we have gone to Sardinia!?!

Back to RMH on Friday for the start of my next cycle. As usual they weren't ready for me and my drugs weren't ordered so I had to wait 4 hours just to get on my first drip! F****** useless!


Anonymous said...

Sorry to read your go, no go, to Sardinia; floting down the M5 dosen't sound fun either. We're all missing you here and if you are in this week I will try and get down to see you and catch up if you're up to it? Have fun at Alton Towers, and let me know what 'Oblivion' feels like! Chris

Nigel said...

With my stomach as it is I think I'll be at Alton Towers to look after Lauren while everyone else is 'obliviated'. I might just about manage the tea-cup ride with her!

Peter said...

When are you going to Alton Towers, Nige? Might be able to pop along and see you!

Sorry to hear you didn't make it to Sardinia, still Devon is very pleasant when the sun is out, even if the pasta isn't quite as good.

Peter said...

I couldn't sleep last all....don't know why DC and the kinder are all away, what a waste! Anyway I was reading H Potter at 4.30 and the bloody lights started flickering. I nearly cr@pped myself, I thought You KNow Who was coming to get me. Kids' book my @rse.