Thursday, 5 July 2007

It pays to argue!

Well after arguing for 2 weeks and escalating the issue the health insurance company have finally backed down and will now cover my pending treatment, as well as the stem cell harvest I've already had. It pays to study the small print of exclusions - they were trying to class my stem cell transplant as 'transplantation surgery' which is an exclusion on the policy. Well, taking some blood cells, chucking them in a freezer for a while, then re-injecting them at a later date is hardly a heart transplant is it! Makes you wonder how many people either accept their decisions, or are not well enough to argue the toss?

Thanks for all the donations (not) - I'll repay them back shortly, with interest of course...unless the chemo affects my short term memory..... in which case I'll forget.......................what was it I was gonna forget...?


Peter said...

Todger, you are the king of small print, I've known you question your rights when taking back a pair of socks which don't quite fit right! Glad to hear that they are covering the cost, must be a weight off your mind. Does that mean I can cancel the sponsored booze I was going to do?

Anonymous said...

It seems reading and writing all those PageOne tenders and contracts have paid off and your not a man to sit back quietly. Hope to see you both soon, Sorry not been over but builders and rain. Take Care Debs x