Monday, 19 November 2007

..another update.

Well I know it's been a little quiet this end - symptomatic of the fact that I'm currently playing the waiting game. My original date for the PET scan was delayed due to the scanner breaking down, which put me back a week. I finally had the PET scan last Wed and met with my consultant to review the results on Friday. The PET scan re-confirms the small tumour in my left lung is showing some activity but that the scan did not pick up anything else (or anything that's within the scanners sensitivity), so it looks like surgery is definitely on the cards. The week before I had asked about the chances of cancer spreading to my other testicle and a week later the consultant 'suddenly' suggested arranging an ultrasound scan of my 'bits' (which were clear) and a MRI scan for my brain - 'just to make sure'. The MRI scan is scheduled for today and I should get the result later in the week - thats presuming they can find my brain!


Anonymous said...

So we can assume from this that they didn't find your brain anywhere near the vacinity of the testie scan ?

Hope they find it and the scan goes well today - do you know when you are likely to be in for the op ? Would be good if we could fit in a pre-op beer.

Cheers, Paul

gerry said...

Did they use the special brain scan setting "sales manager"?

Louise said...

Watch it Gerry!

Anonymous said...

cant call in for a beer, but having known you for some time i am not sure will find your brian, i mean you keep it well hidden

cheers jason

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