Monday, 29 October 2007

The morning after the weekend before...

Well I crossed my fingers but should have crossed toes as well. The CT scan showed the tumour in my right lung unchanged and my tumour marker has started to increase. The upshot is the high-dose chemo has not had the desired effect.  The view is that my cancer has become chemo resistant so they see no benefit in going through high-dose chemo and its own associated risk again - it's back to the surgery route as a last option.

I'm due to have a PET scan in the next two weeks in order to check there is nothing else to worry about and then I expect they will get on with surgery pretty quickly - same operation as I had in June but on my right-side. At least I'll have matching scars - it'll look like its where my angel wings have been clippped.


Peter said...

Surely angel wings would go on the back!?! Unless they were Juan Pablo Angel wings as he always used to go very quickly but in the wrong direction.

You could take a marker pen to it and complete the three lions, perhaps?

Nigel said...

They are on my back!

Peter said...

Well bugger me!!

Well don't actually.

That's my own fault for never having asked to see the scar.

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