Saturday, 13 October 2007

He's coming home...!!!

Well, a bit of a surprise. The doc came to see me this morning, confirmed my blood counts had risen again and then he casually mentioned I can go home today!! They must need the bed or something!

Have felt much better over the past couple of days. The Urology consultant came to see me yesterday - he was surprised to see me looking so well - it's not normal. He'll arrange tumour marker and CT scan tests over the next couple of weeks before assessing the next step.

Here's a pic of my humble abode. I gave myself a no.2 trim yesterday as my hair started coming out in clumps. Not a problem if I missed a bit with the clippers - I simply pulled out the offending hair and voila!

I can't say I'll be sad to leave but the room has been fine, the nurses have been great, the foods been OK(ish) and the chemo bearable. I'll take that!

Gonna feel a bit funny being back at home. Michelle has a stinking cold so I guess I'l be in the spare room tonight - not that I have the energy for anything else!


Peter said...

Nice one Nige, great to hear that you've been allowed back home and it sounds like it's going well.

On the topic of your picture, you look a hell of a lot like Geoff Thomas! Can we expect to see you doing the tour next summer? I'll join you!!

Peter said...

Good to see you last week Nige and thanks to you for the tea and to Lauren for the cake. How did she manage to sell YOU of all people two 1p cakes for 5p?

I trust you are enjoying having the folks around this week and that my sore throat remained in the far flung corner of the kitchen.

I reckon you should retrain as an oncologist after this, sounds like they need some decent ones!!

Cheers and chives.

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