Wednesday, 23 May 2007

Checked he had a steady hand...!

Met the surgeon today. As ever they tend to exhibit a confident, almost arrogant, belief in themselves - something easy to loathe in anyone but a surgeon (and Stu), but its exactly the feeling you want from them!

Quick cut here, persuade the ribs to open up and your in. Whip out the tumour and surrounding tissue, have a rumage around for anything else while I'm in there and we're done!

We reviewed the results from CT scan earlier that afternoon and the tumour was there for all to see (about 3 o'clock on the image above). More concerning was the fact that there were two other tumours on my right lung. One had been there ever since my first scan two years ago - its never enlarged or showed as active on the PET scan and can be seen at approx. 11 o'clock on the scan above. The other one not shown on the above slice is approx. 5mm and appeared to be new addition to the family, although it hadn't registered as active on my recent PET scan. So that means there may be the option of having further surgery on the right lung, before chemo?

PS. the surgeon had steady hands, but a dodgy eye! Not sure which is worse?

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