Thursday, 27 September 2007

I'm here!

Day one and nothing unusual. Been here 8 hours and still waiting to receive some chemo - a record for even the Royal Marsden. Didn't get my PICC line in my arm till 5.30pm after trying both arms, but still waiting for doctors to sign it off as ready to use.

Oh, as I speak (sorry, type) , my chemo has arrived. Due to have Carboplatin for an hour, Etoposide for 2 hours, then another 2 hours of Etoposide, then 4 hours of fluids. Looks like I won't be getting much sleep - my pump sounds like an industrial hoover and I'll be woken every 2 hours.

On the plus side I have one of the bigger rooms on the sunny side of the building. The TV has an integral DVD player rather than the usual video player, I have an internet connected PC in the room (which has Skype and I have a web-cam attached so you can see what a state I'm in) and the chicken and mushrooms for dinner was quiet palatable.

Feels like I've been here before - though 3-4 weeks full-time is a bit different to Mon-Fri. Tired already so will update in the morning.

Well, its morning now. 1 days chemo finished and I'm feeling OK, apart from the effects of the broken sleep. Back to measuring my fluids in and out - I wonder if I'll beat my record of passing 1.1 litre - which was a problem at the time as the container was only 1 litre.

Note for visitors (that's if anyone manages to find the place, and then isn't overcome by the strange combination of antiseptic and hospital kitchen smells that hits you when you walk in the entrance):

1. You have to wash your hands (I realise thats going to be unusual for some of you) with antibacterial gel and put on an apron before entering my room.
2. I'm not allowed to eat fresh-fruit so no grapes please!


Peter said...

Oi! Where's my comment from last night gone? Lou left one on here as well. Mine was really funny (couple of bottles of Black Sheep-fueled) and now I can't remember it. Something about wearing your England top in the private wards and seeing if you can get a downgrade to NHS on the basis of looking like a chav. Anyway, all the best old lad.

Louise said...

Peter, your comment is under previous note 'Last Supper'! Didn't seem very amusing though. Although if your northern footie fan it may be! :-)

Louise said...

Sorry not to mention you Nigel, after all it is your chat room!

My Grannie used to say that all the policemen looked younger as she got that the same with nurses?? If so, I'm sure they'll make you feel better, if a little middle-aged! xx

Peter said...

Cheers Lou! No, not even funny the second time!

Anonymous said...

sounds to me like the Toon need some of your treatment........I hear you and Michelle are due on the Jeremy Kyle show? What's the address of this hotel you've gone to?