Tuesday, 25 September 2007

Last Supper!

Thanks to all who surprised me at the meal last night - great to see you all to celebrate (?) my birthday and spoil what I thought was going to be a quiet romantic meal with just Michelle and I - it felt like my last supper, though thats officially tonight. Lasagne, and I'm cooking!

It's surprising how much rubbish there is to sort out when you realise you are not going to be at home for three or four weeks. I've cooked up 21 meals for one which should keep Michelle going for three weeks. I'll likely be on a liquid diet in a week or so, that's intraveneous, not Guinness.

Luckily Alicia, our au pair, arrived from Spain on Saturday to take care of Lauren (and Michelle). Michelle and I have adopted involuntary hand movements to accompany our protracted English prose as we try and explain to Alicia how to cook an egg. More worryingly is she didn't seem to know what paella was.

I'll be packing this evening, not that I'll be needing much. No doubt I'll be taking sufficient electronic gadgetry to blow their ring main. Gerry, I may need to enlist your help hacking onto the hospital wi-fi network. Knowing the Royal Marsen their password will be 'password'.

Thanks to all the kind offers of visits, most of which dissipate once I actually explain where the Royal Marsden is. Still, I guess you can book 'rent a visitor' on the internet if I get desperate.

I'll hopefully be able to get online and keep you up to date, otherwise watch out for smoke signals eminating from south London.


Louise said...

Best of luck to you both, Michelle having to suffer Nigel's cooking and Nigel being similarly poisoned by the NHS!

Take care, and let me know if either of you need anything. LP xx

Peter said...

All the best Nige. Hope the England shirt has made it with you. You might be the only Chav in the private wards.

(No mentions of Leicester you will note. Until then that is!)

gerry said...

I asked a blonde the other day why her password (clooneypacinohoffmannicholson)
was so long.
"Because" she said "a password must have a minimum of 4 characters".