Wednesday, 5 September 2007

A Date!!

My recent scan showed no real change (which with my history I took as good news!). Still two small nodules on my right lung, one of which I think is benign. No evidence of any new tumours or spread! Tumour marker has come down to 44 so the tumour is responding to my chemo.

The 26th Sept (2 days after my birthday) has been scheduled for starting my transplant - I was offered the 19th Sept but didnt fancy spending my birthday in the Royal Marsden. I'll have 4 days of high dose chemo, then 2 days later I'll have my stem cell returned. Usual chemo side effects but a degree worse. The chemo will annihilate my bone marrow so my blood count will be very low for 10-12 days - apparently without the stem cells transplant it would take 6-8 weeks for my blood to start recovering. So I'm looking at 3-4 weeks in hospital. Visitors welcomed unless they've got the sniffles or a small baby!

Meanwhile, reckon I'll get on and do some work..!


Stuart Wiseglass said...

Wow Nigel, you are a true hero.

I thought that 4 rounds of BEP (in my case) were enough to make any person battle-hardened, but what you have been through (and still have to go through) is more than any man should have to take.

Your spirit, positivity, unfaltering sense of humour have totally blown me away. Your resolve is truly inspirational stuff.

Remember, when you are back at the Summer Holiday Home (as I call it), I will be just up the road from you. If there is anything you need at any stage, please just let me know. Mags, nibbles, special tea, or just someone to talk to...happy to help out in anyway possible.

Take care,
Stu W

Louise said...

I was going to leave a teasing message about you being 40 in less that 19 days, however having read Stu's message, it made me feel a bit no 40!!!

You'll definately be worth a 200 mile round trip visit!!! LP xx

Ted Dev said...

Nodger and 'unfaltering sense of humour'...never heard that in same sentance before!!!

Will definately visit to eat your grapes and read any good mags.

Will you be in greater smoke (Chelski) or lesser smoke (Sutton)?

Peter said...

TD, you know you can't read. Just focus on the pictures.

Anonymous said...


my roofs got woodworm, the cars gearbox fellout, luckily at the garage and the kids keep waking up really early.

and you think youve got it bad!?!

seriously tho, we are thinking of you up here in the frozen north.

and havent you got very whitty friends???

can you just tell me where and what is scunny, is it some cancer terminology???

jason et al

Peter said...

Nigel does have amusing friends......and Ted.

Anonymous said...

will try and get over and see you at RM, what's best daytime or evenings

Tony Hines