Friday, 1 June 2007

Am I in heaven..?

I vaguely remember drifting in and out of consciousness in the Recovery room. The nurses seemed prettier in there but it's probably the effect of the morphine - I guess it works like beer-goggles?

Got lots of lines in me in varying places - 1 large chest drain, one small chest drain, 1 PVB line dispensing painkiller directly into my chest area, one patient administered morphine line (click to make you happy!), something else in my jugular vein and two other lines in the arm. Oh and I had a catheter in for my wee-wee, and it took me a while to realise where it went.....and it makes you weep when the pull it out!!

Thought I'd be there for an easy time, but no, they get me out of bed and make me start walking on the spot, start doing some heavy breathing and start coughing...the most feeble, pathetic of coughs as its too painful. Click, click, click....aargh, thats better..!

Oh, and the surgery went well. Tumour removed along with another suspicious bit that will be tested. Scar not as bad as expected - about 9 inches and no visible stitches!

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louise said...

Well you'd expect the having 9 inch's joke from me, and not wanting to disapoint you ..... at least you can say it truthfully now!!