Friday, 22 June 2007

Which is worse.....??

Two bits of bad news in one day and I'm not sure which is worse?

1) My tumour marker result is back up - it was up to 137 on Tues and I'll find out todays result on Monday. Scheduled for a PET scan next week but looks like I'm heading for high dose chemo.

2) The insurance company won't cover me for the stem cell transplant, despite the fact that I've already had the harvest - which they didn't authorise due to the Royal Marsdens ineptitude. This means that I will have to become an NHS patient....shock/horror!!! The meals on the private ward are bad enough - imagine how bad they will be on an NHS ward. And I bet they won't have wi-fi. I fully understand if no-one wants to come and visit me on the NHS will be full of ill people.


Peter said...

Don't worry Nige, I'll still come and see you, I'll just have to bring my own canapes this time. I'll come on the bus to get myself into the right frame of mind.

Dru said...

Nigel, I hear that the NHS has improved over the years, No longer is the common hammer used as an anesthetic, nor my jokes!. Apparently they wiped out the Flint knife last year and said they are moving to a new product they have just heard of called Stainless steel. So all’s in on the up.

The only thing is the bed will be made of horsehair

Dru said...

Nigel, Seriously.
I have some other friends going through a similar situation who have recently moved to the NHS and they have nothing but good reports, they all agreed that it was the best move; Doctors speak to each other and pass on information regarding the next treatment needed. Where as private usually you need to organize it yourself. You can also do a mix and match i.e. urgent stuff that could be delayed on NHS you can use the private option,
Chin up, it seems that all will be ok.

Nigel said...

Cheers Dru. To be honest the treatment is the same, its the same hospital and the same consultants. The only thing which will differ is that I'll be on an NHS ward - hence the horse-hair bed and I won't get doilies on my tea-tray.