Thursday, 7 June 2007

Good to be home

Been a painful week back home, but its good to be mobile once again. Its suprising how much more you move around being at home compared to being sat in a hospital room where your bed/loo/lounge-chair are within 10ft of each other.

Still dosing up on painkillers - 40mg morphine sulphate twice daily, 1000mg paracetamal four times a day, gabapentine three times a day and Oramorph (liquid morphine) as and when required - plus 4 types of laxatives to keep me irregular. The wound is healing nicely, in fact I can't feel it most of the time, its more the front of the ribs - probably where a bloody great clamp yanked them apart! I'm tempted to give up the painkillers for a few days to see how much it would really hurt without them. No pain, no gain.

Michelle's doing an able job with the household chores, i.e running after me, washing the cars, cutting the lawn (she hasn't quite grasped the fact that you need to overlap each run slightly so we have a rather strange effect of thin strips of tall grass separating the normal stripes). I'm supervising from a safe distance.


Alistair said...

Hi Nigel, is Michelle available for home visits, my back lawn needs a cut, and the car does need a wash!!

Peter said...

Are the lines straight though, Nige? It's one thing not overlapping, but not being straight, that isn't to be tolerated. Glad to hear you are moving around, more than your new centre forward will be next year!